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Pirazzi Italian Properties
"Creativity, Reliability and Passion"


Dr. Zachariasse

Pirazzi Italian Properties Development Group is an independent property developer with offices in the Netherlands, France, Italy and Germany. We operate internationally, not only to enable us to spread risk and for the growth possibilities but also for the wider opportunities this offers us. Open-minded, decisive, focused and creative: these are Pirazzi Italian Properties's characteristics. Pirazzi Italian Properties is a young, enthusiastic team with experience and know-how. Since our establishment in 1988 we have developed an extremely diverse range of projects in the field of living, working and shopping space. Projects are created on behalf of others; as well at our own risk.

We prefer complex projects that require a great deal of effort and creativity, such as large-scale inner city and industrial redevelopment assignments. Therin lies our challenge and this gives us an opportunity to work with a diverse range of parties on creative solutions that are of great quality while remaining economically feasible.

Not only do we develop new properties, but with Pirazzi Italian Properties Property Investment, a separate business unit, we also work to enhance the value to of existing buildings. Using our project development experience we can give dated and those buildings which perhaps have already been written off a new investment cycle.

We are passionate about our work. Dynamism, creativity, strength and enthusiasm top the list of our attributes. The basis of every project must be painstaking research followed by optimal process control. It begins with assessing the opportunities; what's the market asking for? Marketing is therefore an essential and integral part of our development process. It initiates opportunities, creates growth possibilities, and ensures efficiency through the entire development process. This process control subsequently leads us to masterfully manage your risks.

We often use partners in our development processes enabling us not only to spread risk but to use and make the most of each other's qualities.

In other words, a total combination of the experience, enthusiasm, and focus required to get the very best out of everything. By always being open to the acquisition of new expertise Pirazzi Italian Properties is a reliable partner. Success is something you achieve together and grant each other.